İpel Textile is a young factory which was established in 1988 in Denizli and which contunies its activities. To meet the necessity of the spare parts of subjects. Besides this, it gives the service of selling electronical metarials. Our main principles are the pleasures of our custumers and to help the country economy. For this, in every passing day, İpel Textile enlarges its service areas and its aims. To meet the necessity of our custemers to be the solutions of their concerns, is the source of our pride. The success of our company in its working subjects gets the trust and appreciation of our customers. Our aim is not to be bigger but to be the best and to work with you as a long dating and continious solution partner that you can trust.




Manager Financing:            Tayfun Demirtaş
Sales Menager                    Afer Güzel
Phone:+ 90 0 258 263 02 82
Fax:     + 90  0 258 265 57 01
Adress: Eski Sarayköy Caddesi Tomaşlar Şi
birler İşhanı
             Otopark Girişi Yanı 353/1 Sokak No: 1/A

E-Mail: ipel@ipel.com.tr

We present our respects.


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